Please read the F.A.Q.'s below before submitting a question


I love your work! Can you make me a plushie of this character?

I can do commission orders of plushies. If you have a request, feel free to submit one in my contact form. Just be sure to read the COMMISSION AGREEMENT page so you'll know the details and regulations of the process.

Why is your stuff so expensive?

Well, mostly because the majority of my inventory is handmade by me. One person. When you order an item from my site, I will either have a few already handmade in stock or, in cases for my small items, I'll make them on order from scratch.

When you buy handmade items from artists, you're not only paying for their supplies, but you're paying for their labor. If the work looks like it takes a lot of time, it's bound to be up the price. The most important thing when an artist is selling their work is to make sure that the time and quality is worth the price for the customer's satisfaction. That way, you get the work piece you dream of and we get to eat. Win/Win!

Did you make the Buttons and Stickers, too?

Well, Yes AND no!
I can't draw to save my life. So I did the best I could drawing out and writing the details I wanted for the designs of my smaller accessories. Once I felt satisfied enough, I would hire an illustrator to make the designs based on what I gave them in order to make them look more professional.

Once the design was complete, I will use my at home button and sticker maker machines to turn the artwork into an accessory of my choosing.

I want to buy this item, but you're sold out of it!

Don't worry! Usually when an item from my products pages are sold out, I immediately make more. It make take a few days to restock them since they are handmade.

If for any reason you really want or need an item that I'm sold out of, feel free to request it in the contact info box above and I will update you as soon as it's relisted.

If this item you're speaking of comes from either the "One-Off" or the "Giants" section, you will need to submit it as a commission request, which I'll be happy to do.

How long will it take for my commission order to be ready?

Well, If you haven't read the Commission Order Regulations page yet? The amount of time it will take to have your commission order done will depend on a few things, such as the size and detail work of your request and whether or not I have a waiting list.

If I accept your request with no clients ahead of you in line:
~Something as small as one of my ninjas would only take a day or two.

~ A regular size plushie (the size of a regular stuffed animal) should take approximately a week or two

~If you are, however, seeking something as big as your furniture, I will need AT LEAST a few weeks.

But I promise, that if you submit a request in the contact form, you will be informed of my schedule status as well as time and price estimate.